Porgera police squads accused of burning 150 houses and raping women

The aftermath of the Porgera fire. Photo: Supplied/ McDiyan Robert Yapari

Radio New Zealand | 27 March, 2017

A human rights group in Papua New Guinea is accusing police of burning down 150 houses in a village near the Porgera Gold Mine, during an early morning raid over the weekend.

The Akali Tange Association also alleges up to eight women were gang-raped and six men beaten during the raid.

The group’s executive officer, McDiyan Robert Yapari, said police mobile squads forcefully evicted residents from Wingima village and it is the third time the village has been burnt down.

Mr Yapari said he had been informed by a local policeman that the raid was ordered by Barrick Gold, which co-owns the Porgera Mine.

Earlier this month, the association joined calls for Canada to appoint a mining ombudsman to monitor Canadian mining companies, including Canadian company Barrick Gold, which co-owns Porgera.

It said an ombudsman would finally provide some justice for victims as well as holding mining companies to account.

Barrick did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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One response to “Porgera police squads accused of burning 150 houses and raping women

  1. Peter Wau

    The act carried out by so call police officers is not warranted for. They are ways were the police officers can dealt with the landowners. If there are problems caused by residents from the village, than, there are problems where the company needs to sorted out the villages.

    The Akali Tange Association executives should persue these matter to the higher hierachy of the police department to deal with these rogue policers. The government is getting tough on these type of lunatic behaviour which is happening to our police in the country. Also tidy up the facts and hold barrick gold accountable for issuing this order, whereas, there are alternatives whereas the company can communicate through.

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