Call for people to be relocated after PNG’s Porgera mine raid

Photo: Supplied/ McDiyan Robert Yapari

Radio New Zealand | 30 March, 2017

A human rights group in Papua New Guinea is calling for 10,000 people near the Porgera mine to be relocated following a police operation last weekend.

The Akali Tange Association says 50 houses were burnt down in the police raid in a village where 100 houses have been destroyed previously.

The Association Chairman Langan Muri said three girls had reported being raped during the raid and more people were coming forward with complaints.

He said they believed the mine co-owners, Barrick Gold commanded the operation by police, who were employed by the company.

He called for Barrick and the government to take urgent action.

The aftermath of the Porgera fire. Photo: Supplied/ McDiyan Robert Yapari

“They should relocate the entire village. Let the mining activities go ahead. People and pets, children playing around the mine site and the company seems to be saying illegally trespassing and police every now and then, shooting people, raping people, burning down houses.”

Barrick Gold denied involvement in the police operation and said only 18 structures were removed.



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2 responses to “Call for people to be relocated after PNG’s Porgera mine raid

  1. Dr. LM Neuendorf

    It is a blatant abuse of human rights when villagers and their homes are destroyed by police that at supposed to protect citizens. The collusion by Barrick Gold, a Canadian Company and the PNG government shows how greed usurps the rights of villagers where houses are razed and women and girls raped.

    Nowhere else in the world do police become personal bodyguards for a resource company, unless you live in a dictatorship. Papua New Guinea and Canada are neither, they are both strong democracies. No Canadian Mounties are hired by a Canadian company to be its bodyguards. No Canadian law enforcement agents or agencies collude with a Canadian company to protect its assets. IT ONLY HAPPENS IN PNG.

    Under Canadian Laws, A Canadian company found to be committing or has committed offences against the laws of a host country is liable under Canadian Laws to be prosecuted, irrespective of where the Canadian company is operating from.

    This information and others about Barrick Gold have been forwarded to human rights lawyers in Canada. Many of my friends in Canada are appalled and disgusted at Barrick Gold’s operational process and have taken the matter to their local Canadian MPs.

    All Papua New Guineans, irrespective of where they are from MUST NOT be complacent about irresponsibility and disrespect of peoples, clans and tribes by foreign owned entities. People must speak out. This is not just an isolated incident. Why do you think the tribes of Hela are agitating against Exxon Mobil and the government? For the very same reasons as the displaced peoples of Pogera.

    Boycott Canadian products, services and companies in PNG.

    I’ve never heard of Canadian Mounties raiding indigenous tribal peoples and their lands in Calgary, Alberta or Nova Scotia? So what’s the difference in Papua New Guinea?


    Dr. LM Neuendorf

  2. 4pm Tuesday 3CR 855AM

    I produce a programme on 3CR in Melbourne and would be interested in speaking about PNG issues on an irregular basis. Could some one please contact me if this is possible.


    Jan Bartlett


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