Pacific churches against experimental seabed mining

Pacific churches call for a ban on experimental seabed mining in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific

Lice Movono | The Fiji Times | April 9, 2017

CHURCH leaders from the Pacific have called on governments and people of the Pacific to unite to preserve the region with regards to seabed mining.

In an acknowledgement of industry action in sea bed mining the churches acknowledges that developments were taking place in some governments but they singled out the government of Papua New Guinea for having issued mining licenses.

“We also acknowledge the campaigns against Seabed Mining by local communities in PNG. We are aware of the destruction by Seabed Mining,” the church statement said.

“Therefore, we call on the PNG Government and other Pacific countries to put a stop to testing of Seabed technology on PNG Land or Seas.”

The churches who were joined at the workshop by representatives of civil society organisations called on the rest of the non government community to unite stand with the churches and the Alliance of Solwara Warriors “to say NO” to any development regarding Seabed Mining in their area.”

“We call on the Governments and the people of the Pacific to stand together to preserve our common home for the unborn and the future generations.”

“We call on all the people and the governments of the Pacific to stand together in solidarity to Ban Seabed Mining in PNG and the Pacific.”


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One response to “Pacific churches against experimental seabed mining

  1. Johnathan

    This right but, that big machine is already here in PNG.

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