New threat to LNG project from disgruntled landholders

Hides LOs shut gates to power plant, camp site

Post Courier | April 12, 2017

Disgruntled landowners of the Hides gas to power plant have blocked the road and closed the gates to the power plant at Yuni and Oil Search camp at Nogoli yesterday over non-payment of royalties.

According to landowners from Hides, led by Peter Potape, the landowners are frustrated and had enough of the state’s promises, and have threatened to disrupt all operations if the government continues to mislead them.

He said the people are frustrated over the delay in the payment of the royalty for the gas to electricity project for the past four years, and have decided to block off all access to the main camp site at Nogoli and the Yuni power plant site, to get the government to listen to their demands before going into the elections.

Mr Potape said the landowners also want the state to review the Hides gas to power memorandum of agreement to resolve outstanding issues pertaining to the project that is well over due since 1992.

He said the landowners also want the payment of the K35 million as project security as agreed through an understanding signed in August 2016.

The landowners are calling on the State to address the issue as failure to do so will have serious consequences on the PNG LNG project and the Hides gas to power project.

Similar calls have also been made by the Moran oilfield landowners.

Oil Search Limited when contacted did not respond.

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