Bougainville People Against Mining: New Petition


A new petition on the Avaaz Community Advocacy website is targeting the Autonomous Bougainville Government with a no mining message.

The Petition says mining is the cause of conflict on Bougainville in which some 20,000 Bougainvilleans perished. It is not needed by the people of Bougainville as much as it is by mining companies who care little for the people in their effort to make a profit. Therefore no mining company should be allowed back on the island.



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One response to “Bougainville People Against Mining: New Petition

  1. President Momis might think he has control of mining companies but sorry to advise that the mining companies, particularly Australian mining companies are all about making massive profits and tax cheating. “Bougainville has been plundered and insulted by BCL and this company should not be allowed back on the island to carry out any mining activity. This blatant display of arrogance and lack of respect for the people of Bougainville by BCL indicates that the company’s attitude has not changed since it’s previous mining days in the region”.

    The Bougainville Freedom Movement agree that “BCL must not be allowed back on Bougainville to carry out any mining there whatsoever”.
    In solidarity.

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