Bishop Bernard Unabali Condemns Bougainville Mining Rush

Bernard Unabali | 9 May 2017

Today I was invited to attend the ABG “launching of [the] mining Industry”, [which heralds the] formal opening up for exploration licenses, and application, on this formerly “closed up” issue.

So now Isina in Kongara II Jaba tailing area, and Mt Tore in Tinputz can be formerly accepted in their application for exploration licenses.

Reasons [highlighted by the ABG]:

  • Progress
  • Independence
  • Church support
  • Monetary self-reliance
  • Spin off [benefits]
  • New people based mining; and
  • A system fed up with Panguna alone

Only [as] a footnote [was] responsibility for environment damages mentioned. No one starkly mentioned that in reality Laluai, Eorun, Rawa, Wakunai, Aita, Raruma, and many other rivers will be gone especially if [an] incapacitated ABG and Mining Department pretend to safeguard us from highly experienced foreign evaders of truth, and of whom some are just serial environmental rapists.

We must accept that intending the good [of mining], we have also celebrated our future social, physical and even spiritual graveyard !! The church fought [against] a unjust, wrong, foreigner, CRA, in the past. I hope sadly the church will not [have to now] fight the wrong guys in our own people evading law and truth for the sake of money, with pretentious leaders of ‘landowner groups’, if [these] licenses evolve into actual mining [leases] later?


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One response to “Bishop Bernard Unabali Condemns Bougainville Mining Rush

  1. Totally agree with Bishop Bernard Unabali. CRA (Aust) merged with RTZ (UK) in 1995 and became Rio Tinto mining. It is shocking that the current government of Bougainville has allowed mining exploration without even considering necessary Environmental Laws therefore allowing “the serial environmental rapistis” to return and do as they did at the Panguna mine. The mine was operated by Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) who destroyed the rivers, the people and the land that surrounds the mining area from the mountains to the sea, yet BCL are the first to be invited back to Bougainville by the current Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG), worshipping the “devil they know”. God forbid.

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