Government Given 14 Day Ultimatum

Lynette Kil | Post Courier | June 7, 2017

The four LNG landowner villagers – Papa, Boera, Rearea and Porebada have given the government  a 14 day ultimatum to response to their petition.

“The government must address the issue of royalty and equity payments, the land mobilisation funds and the alleged illegal appointment of chairman of PNG LNG Plant Site,” said Boera Heritage Association president Muri Henao.

The landowners in the PNG LNG Project plant site have urged the government to start campaigning on changes for itself then for the people.

Henao made this remark during a press conference organised by the LNG Plant Landowners Association Inc .

Henao said the people have not experienced any changes in the community and landowners are still suffering.

“I really don’t know what the government is campaigning about as we have been betrayed.

“Our money was used to host the Pacific leader’s summit and cater for the 2018 Asia Pacific Economic summit, what will the government give to its people,” he said.

Henao expressed disappointment over non compliance from the office of the Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari of numerous letters concerning the landowner’s grievances.

Other representatives from the affected landowners’ villagers share the same sentiments and are demanding that the government respond to their petitions within 14 days.


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