Landowners threaten to shutdown LNG Operations

NBC News | PNG Today | June 12, 2017

Landowners in the Central Province are set to close down the PNG LNG site on today over unpaid compensations demands since 2014.

They held a meeting with representatives from operator ExxonMobil, Department of Petroleum and Energy, PNG Ports and Police yesterday.

The meeting was to stop the people, comprising four beneficiary villages of Papa, Lealea, Boera and Porebada from staging their protest.

However, landowner spokesman and Association Secretary, Robert Kauga said, their minds are made up and they won’t back down on their decision to carry out the protest until the government pays them their outstanding royalties and equities.

Mr. Kauga said the people are already fed up with the continuous lies and promises of payment by the government.

“They are admonishing us not to stage the protest but we cannot back down now, we have already prepared everything,”he said.


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One response to “Landowners threaten to shutdown LNG Operations

  1. Kanau Iobuna

    Land Owner issues are the most pressing issues that will affect any major engineering projects. So far the govt has been playing second fiddle to LO issues. The failure to prioritise and resolve LO issues in the best amicable manner may result in the LOs taking drastic measures that may be detrimental to well being of the project, the govt and all relevant stakeholders. That I personally see as a long standing failure of every engineering project. The LOs are always on the losing end. I wont be surprised if the worst things I fear within me will occur. God bless the govt and the people of PNG

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