Dark Times for Bougainville – John Momis makes Donald Trump look competent

Bougainville govt’s forthright support for BCL at Panguna

Tobias | July 1, 2017

If you didn’t laugh, you would cry.

President Momis: ‘BCL has the first right of refusal. If we didn’t give it to them and set a time frame within which to source funding then BCL might take us to court and thus delay the opening of the Panguna Mine.’

Don Wiseman: Hang on mate, you evidently own BCL, you cant sue yourself.

President Momis: ‘Well we may now control BCL but the original agreement, concocted in Australia by the colonial government and Rio Tinto’.

So what the Colonial Government will be resurrected, via a time portal, and will join forces with Rio Tinto to sue.

This is the man who is going to oversee the referendum.

Lord Save Us!

John Momis continues: ‘a dollar invested in mining produces three dollars in other associated industries’.

LOL this is actually the opposite of what happens, in a mining dependent economy. Has the good President heard of the Dutch Disease, hint its nothing to do with the Netherlands.

Then this: ‘If nothing happens then the whole of Bougainville will not benefit but the worst losers will be the landowners themselves’.

Yes horror. If the ABG and a few non landowner associations are unable to push their agenda on the majority actual landowners, the latter will be able to enjoy their land, environment and sovereignty. Who knows their children may even have a future. Clear losing.

Dark times, with this captain at the helm – makes Donald Trump look competent.


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