Solomons group plans legal action over Temotu mining

Radio New Zealand | 3 July, 2017

A Solomon Islands conservation group says it’s planning legal action against the government over mining plans in the remote Temotu province.

An Australian company, Pacific Bauxite, secured a licence to prospect Santa Cruz island, and it claimed it had the consent of several landowner groups.

But the Temotu Conservation and Sustainable Development Association said those groups didn’t realise the implications of what might happen, and many were now trying to withdraw their consent.

The Association’s chair, Father Charles Melinga, said the provincial and national governments had done nothing to address their concerns.

He said the groups believed the law was not followed when the prospecting licence was granted, and they were hoping to challenge it in court.

Father Melinga said he hoped the process could begin soon.

“As far as mining is concerned at the moment, the population is in suspense as to what will happen next. So we call on the provincial government and the other related authorities to be clear on what is going to happen.”


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