Panguna Must Not Be Opened

The Panguna Mine Must Not Be Opened As There Were No Proper Consultations With Immediate Affected Land Owners At The Lower Tailings Area, Says Mr William Kareoto.

Sebastian Hakalits | Post Courier | July 27, 2017

The Panguna mine must not be opened as there were no proper consultations with immediate affected land owners at the lower tailings area, says Mr William Kareoto.

“We were the most affected in terms of land mess, population, and environmental than the land owners within the mine pit area or known as the Special Mining Lease area.”

“If BCL is to come back, they must first address the legacy issues as this are the very issues that started the Bougainville crisis and this legacy issues must not be negotiated later when the mine is in operation,” said Mr Kareoto.

He said the K10 billion that the late Francis Ona demanded must be paid in full to the people of Bougainville as compensation in form of infrastructure divided into districts to cover for lives that were lost during the crisis and the lease agreement and land owner benefits must be negotiated and agreed by all parties before negotiations for reopening is to be done.

Mr Kareoto said as a citizen of the affected areas of the lower tailings area, before any reopening negotiations is done, BCL must show us their Waste Disposal Management Plan as they have in the past polluted and bleached our environment with toxic chemicals and waste which is still evident today.

“Without this waste disposal management plan BCL won’t reopen the mine and I warn ABG, BCL and self- interest land owners that what they are doing without proper consultation may lead to another up raising by the people living around and along lower tailings,” said Mr Kareoto.


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