New governor signals approval for Frieda river mine

East Sepik’s new governor, Allan Bird, has signalled his approval for the planned Frieda river mine – all he wants is a government assurance ‘everything will be fine’ – SURELY HE IS NOT THAT STUPID?

Possible mining impact on Sepik river a concern

By Dorothy Mark | The National aka The Loggers Times | August 30, 2017

EAST Sepik Governor Allan Bird has warned that the start of the Frieda gold and copper mine on the border with West Sepik will depend on an assurance by the government that the river will not be polluted.

Bird said the people depended on the East Sepik River daily and did not want it polluted by the activities of the Frieda gold and copper mines.

He was responding to the concern raised by Madang provincial mines director John Bivi on the operation of the Wafi gold mine in Morobe, Marengo in Madang and Frieda in East Sepik.

Bivi requested Bird to highlight this problem in parliament if there is debate on the three mines to begin operating quickly.

Bird said he would not comment on Wafi and Marengo but he would see that the people of East Sepik get the maximum benefit from the Frieda mine.

“We don’t  want what happened at OK Tedi to happen to us. So we will be very careful with this one,” Bird said.

Ramu development foundation director Dr Boga Figa asked Bird to assist in any way possible to have a feasibility study carried out to construct a road from  Banu Bridge to Forogo which could link to East Sepik.


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One response to “New governor signals approval for Frieda river mine

  1. Jacob Buka

    AS a final year Mineral Processing Engineering Student at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology. I did my final year project on Processing of copper Sulphide ore with high Arsenic Content. My case study was on Frieda River Copper-Gold deposit. While studying the mineralogy of Freida River Copper-Gold deposit. We have high concentrate of copper associated with arsenic and antimony. Arsenic in itself is very toxic and cannot be eliminated but its toxicity can be reduced down to 0.05wt% or less to make it at least environmentally friendly. There are many harmful and serious effects associated with arsenic when expose to it. It can further cause damage to the smelting environment when not treated properly.

    Every time money sa faulim head na we don’t take things that matters most into consideration sometimes…

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