Cook Islands receives just $71,000 for seabed exploration rights

Cook Islands’ waters include environmentally valuable coral reefs, seagrass beds and fisheries.

Cooks govt enters into ocean mining agreement

Radio New Zealand | 4 October 2017

The Cook Islands government has entered into an agreement with a company called Ocean Minerals to reserve 23,000 square kilometres of the country’s exclusive economic zone for up to 18 months.

The agreement which earned the government $US71,000 gives the company the exclusive right to apply for licensing to undertake prospecting and exploration activities for manganese nodules.

If Ocean Minerals does apply for an exploratory license within the agreed timeframe, the company will be expected to go through the necessary processes required by the Cook’s Seabed Minerals Act, the recently passed Marae Moana Act, and the Environment Act.

This is the second agreement negotiated with the company.



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2 responses to “Cook Islands receives just $71,000 for seabed exploration rights

  1. chris tumi

    Cook Is is not PNG. Is under sea the only revenue earner?

  2. Delena Tata Ru

    What the hecka is going on, who is now taking the mickey of pricing our future mokopuna, and current metua – obligations to these waters. Who are these investors who think they can just come in and invade poison our waters with their “sweet talk” with money and buy the rights to do as they please? Who are these politicians who are selling out the Cook Islands people on a whim of making a quick buck on the backs of our mokopuna. Who are these so-called leaders with ‘silver-tongued-fox’ korero lying to our people that they understand what mining means?? Why the hurry to pass legislation that because you mention in your korero Kevin Iro that these proposed explorations are within the measures of conservation standards?? My question is Who’s conservation lenses are these? Does it have rims of “money-attached” for you and others – alike to sway our people to agree with you? Mining under any circumstance is dangerous – Why? this is not the practice of our forefathers, else they would have done it long ago…do not dirty their memory with disrespect buy using their memory to validate what you are doing is okay…it is not.

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