Namatanai MP Schnaubelt queries Lihir Royalties

NBC News/PNG Today 

Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt has tasked the New Ireland Provincial Government to explain the whereabouts of his district’s share of mine royalties, as per an Agreement with the Lihir Gold Mine.

He says since the start of the mine’s operations in 2007, his District has not received its 20 per cent share of the funds.

Mr Schnaubelt told NBC Radio the New Ireland Government must furnish expenditure reports of the payments.

“The concern now is the 50% portion blong New Ireland Provincial Government which is responsible to dispatch 20% to Namatanai district and 20% to Kavieng district na 10 percent is retained by the provincial government blo administration purposes.

“Orait, the provincial government component paid to date is K264m and you know since 2007 i kam nao, Namatanai district and Kavieng district have missed out on their 20% share.”


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4 responses to “Namatanai MP Schnaubelt queries Lihir Royalties

  1. Chris Tumi

    Most provincial governments and their respective administrations in mining provinces are siphoning everything and have no respect for the arrangements under MoAs that act as lee ways where royalties can trickle down to the landowners.

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  3. Carl colland

    Thanks Mp for Namatanai,we believe in a such young and vibrant leader to track down miss appropriation of funds in the province.

  4. Robert Namtama

    Interesting times ahead, now that majority of the appointed presidents in NIP are National Alliance. PPP and Sir J regime is at the verge of an abrupt collapse anytime between now and election 2022!

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