Mining Minister pre-empts Frieda river mine approval process

The Frieda river mine has yet to go through a proper approval process, the companies involved have yet to agree how they will manage the toxic and dangerous mine tailings or how they will produce enough electricity, but the Mining Minister doesn’t care. He has given government agencies a two-year deadline to get the mine approved and construction started…

Frieda Gold Set For 2019

Post Courier | November 14, 2017

Construction phase for the Frieda mine gold project in West Sepik Province will begin in 2019.
Mining Minister Johnson Tuke Tuke said this during his ministerial visit to the mine last week. The production will start around 2030 or 2040 which the developer PanAust committed to deliver in line with the Government’s 100 days plan.
Mr Tuke said the government has been given two years to go through government agencies like, Conservation & Environment Protection Authority, Mineral Resources Authority, provincial governments and the extractive industry to get the project started.
“There is no issue but I would like both governors to continue with the positive attitude they’ve embraced and get their provincial MPs on board, because inclusive management and political will is crucial to get Frieda off the ground,” he said.
The East Sepik and Sandaun governors have agreed to work together to get this project off the ground.
“All of us have to work together and I’ve assured the people and the developer, give us two years to get all the paperwork done and then we can start on the project,” Mr Tuke said.


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One response to “Mining Minister pre-empts Frieda river mine approval process

  1. Moses Koliwan

    Thanks but no thanks. The agencies (gov) and both provinces concerned need exceptional advice beyond the norm to make that critical choice. We the Sepik River people truely hope for an indepth analysis of the pros and cons and a very convincing proposition for the containment of waste discharge and disposal system proposed by the developer.

    We have too many bad stories and experiences elsewhere in PNG to take necessary and vital precautions in developing Frieda.

    The Sepik River people are not against economic development. However, if the well being and livelihood of people are going to be compromised, and the consequent impacts are going to be prolonged for a thousand years, then what is the most responsible choice and decision that the different levels of government which have oversight over the Sepik River people must make.

    Our livelihood, our future and our environment is prestine and special. We do not want to be like Fly River people, the Java people, the Porgera people, the Ramus and the Wild Dog people if the Bainings.

    Common sense must take precedence over all else if we at all care.

    Mi sorry tumas lo ol lain blo mi lo wara Sepik, una Avisat, una gepma. Mi wari tumas na bel blo mi heavy tumas.

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