Public lecture on Experimental Seabed Mining at UPNG

There will be a Public Lecture held at UPNG and hosted by UPNG School of Natural and Physical Sciences this week Wednesday, 29th of November 2017 on Experimental Seabed Mining. 


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One response to “Public lecture on Experimental Seabed Mining at UPNG

  1. Kenneth Unamba

    The list of panelist is not complete when you dont have any professional in the field of geology mining and engineering involved to explain and discuss the more technical issues in this lecture. We have too many politicians, activists and clergy who are too emotionally charged up on misinformation or lack of real scientific evidence on the issue and are barking too much for nothing here. If people are so concerned about the sea bed, please go study offshore Lihir, The Fly, The Strickland, where billions of tons of a toxic waste are being dumped directly onto hundreds of thousand square meters of habitat every year compared to the proposed Nautilus operations. Where is balanced scientific evidence for all this crap??

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