New Irelanders satisfied with seabed mining campaign

Nautilus the Protector – Solwara Em Laif

Loop PNG | January 25, 2018

Landowners from New Ireland Province are pleased with the result of the campaign against experimental seabed mining.

They noted the overwhelming support from the national, regional and international organisations, including from prominent leaders.

Following the recent resignation of Nautilus chairman Russel Debney and Nautilus vice president PNG Adam Wright, Jonathan Mesulam of the Alliance of Solwara Warriors said:

“We are pleased with the recent turn of events and would like to acknowledge the support given by the European Union Parliament, United Nations and reputable leaders who have come out publicly and called to ban experimental seabed mining.”

Mesulam also acknowledges the support by prominent leaders such as Sir Arnold Amet, Cardinal Sir John Ribat and international naturalist Sir David Attenborough, who have come out strongly against experimental seabed mining.

Whilst acknowledging the support by different organisations at their levels, Mesulam challenges the three local MPs; Sir Julius Chan (Governor), Ian Ling-Stuckey (Kavieng Open) and Walter Schnaubelt (Namatanai), to come out publicly and make their stance clear.

He further said the locals will continue to advocate on experimental seabed mining and will make sure “Nautilus leaves our shores”. 



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2 responses to “New Irelanders satisfied with seabed mining campaign

  1. Asa Sum Ba?

    Stand firm, Mr, Mesulam and all New Irelanders that are against seabed mining. Let us and our environments be left alone and not used by unscrupulous miners and money hungry bureaucrats, politicians and individuals for a development that would have minimal benefits for us and our children. Seabed can be mined in the future by our children when proper technology has been developed that will not harm our environment, not now.

  2. Wilson Tamani

    Well done New Irelanders…DSM permits to mine PNG, Fiji , Tonga, Cook Islands and Nauru have already been issued issued by a dodgy office in Jamaica called, International Seabed Authority. There is a corrupt connection between them and corrupt officials of Pacific Island states led by Fiji’s Bainimarama and his cartel involving corrupt Fiji UN representatives Peter Thompson and Nahzat Shameem. Fijians must vote out Bainimarama to safeguard pristine environments that have already been plundered by corrupt dealings with so called paper exploration mining companies and Chinese mining companies.

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