Tuke Firm On Seafloor Mining Decision

Minister Johnson Tuke is demanding Nautilus provide a firm timeline for mining to start

Matthew Vari| Post Courier | February 6, 2018

Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke is firmly committed to the National Government’s decision to go ahead with the Solwara One project.

Mr Tuke maintained the government has done its due diligence to the latter and Nautilus Minerals has complied per government regulations.

He said this in response to what he termed were external groups that continue to undermine the decision made by the country.

“I stand firm that this is the government’s decision and no other parties can undermine the government.”

“Papua New Guinea is a sovereign nation and as such we go by our own polices and manage our own affairs in so far as this ministry is concerned.”

Minister Tuke made the comments during an update presentation made by Nautilus CEO Mike Johnston on Monday evening in Port Moresby. The presentation has is part of Minster Tuke’s recent planned visits to existing Mine projects in the country.

Minister Tuke said the government has been determined to ensure new prospects get off the ground, thus he has met with developers for other proposed mine projects in the country.

“I have been adamant about this not only you (Nautilus), but few other mining prospectus we have got Wafi (Golpu) and Frieda river to deal with, I am concerned with the timeline. You have give some us certainty,” Minister Tuke told Mr Johnston.

“For the last few years or so we haven’t experienced any new mine. This government is concerned that we should at least come up with a new mine that is the reason why I have demanded to know the timeline.”

He, however, maintained that all requirements for the first of its kind seafloor operation to stick to the policies and environmental provisions.



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2 responses to “Tuke Firm On Seafloor Mining Decision

  1. Alex Lalup

    While Mr. Tuke, the Mining Minister is after a ‘Timeline’ for all new mines to be established in PNG, there is also need for an update for the Tolukuma Gold Mine. Since the Minister is very clear on this stand, who would advise us the landowners of Tolukuma and Goilala of the, operational status, where currenlty the mine is at, what is the asian company Asidokona’s plans? is there are new investor coming in? What status is the negotiation and state compliance at? We need to know, but the questions are; who will inform us and when? We have waited long enough to see the project start up again with a good investor and not Asidokona.
    Please I urge our local MP and the LOA Chairman, Mr George Gusi, MRA and the Minister to advise us on this.

    Thank you.

  2. Joe Kuskus

    Please can you told the mine Minister to do away with is wrong idea. If he keeps on supporting the government’s decision. He will take one bullet on his head.

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