Bougainville Government welcomes infamous Filipino mining company

SR Metals President and CEO Miguel Alberto Gutierrez has been accused of corruption, clientalism, and illegal mining

Mine Watch recently predicted that President Momis’ appetite for crooked foreign miners was very much alive. How right we were. In a gushing column in the Post-Courier – which reads like a salivating love poem – it was announced that President Momis has teamed up with his former nemesis – money bridges all divides – Sam Kauona to bring in a Filipino mining company to explore 183 square kilometres of land.  

The company is called, SR Metals Inc, and is led by Eric Gutierrez. It has come to liberate Bougainville from its bloody history, we are told.

Now while we might want to believe the Post-Courier, John Momis and Sam Kauona, as entities of integrity who would never lie, the ever skeptical PNG Mine Watch team decided to look at the track record of SR Metals Inc and Mr Gutierrez.

What did we find?

Report after report in the Filipino press accusing SR Metals and its chief of corruption, clientalism, and illegal mining.

Indeed we are told Gutierrez is very fond of funding politicians who are good for his business.  

And, no less, has been accused of using fraud ‘to dupe the government and their business partners of billions of pesos in mining revenues’. Guess they saw President Momis and Kauona coming.

To cap it off the company SR Metals has been fined for environmental violations.

And a senate inquiry found the company “over-extracted 1.8 million tons of nickel ore”, in violation of regulations. 

Take a look here:

And here:

And here:

VIDEO: SR Metals coming to Bougainville courtesy of President Momis. Fined Php 77 million in the Philippines

This piece looks at fines for ‘environmental plunder’ 

More here:

And here:

There is more here:

And here:

But if you want to read sanitised, love poetry, continue on to the Post-Courier article

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