Delay in Woodlark mine causing anxiety: MP

Cedric Patjole | Loop PNG | February 9, 2018

The delay in the Woodlark Island Gold Project is causing a lot of anxiety and undesired expectation from landowners.

Samarai-Murua MP, Isi Leonard, said this in Parliament when asking Mining Minister Johnson Tuke on the status of the Woodlark Island Gold Project.

Leonard said the project has been on development status for well over a decade following numerous delays and a changing of ownership twice.

“The people of Woodlark and Samarai-Murua regard the project as a major catalyst for development. But the delay in its development is causing much anxiety and undesired expectation,” he said.

The member asked Minister Tuke the status of the project, whether the low commodity process hindered project development financing and if the government could step in.

Leonard asked about a previous agreement for a joint venture partnership to develop gold projects on Woodlark and Misima islands.

He also said if the current explorer is moving ahead, can a previous project agreement signed be approved by the Government.

“Geo-pacific Resources is moving the project forward, can the MOA agreed to by stakeholders in December 2015 be approved by the NEC. This will give more confidence to the landowners and the developers of the project,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Tuke asked the MP to send his office his series of questions which he will respond in detail as he did not have the information with him.


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One response to “Delay in Woodlark mine causing anxiety: MP

  1. Alex Lalup

    Mr Tuke, why can’t you give MP Leornard the answer on the floor of parliament so that the landowners of that area and the rest of PNG would see you live and have confidence in you?
    You insist to give MP Leornard all the answers from your office. Doing fine, Minister Tuke.

    Another issue for you is; as the country’s Mining Minister, can please you give an update from the government’s perspective the status of Tolukuma Gold Mines.

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