Fracking Technology Not Used: Pok

Post Courier | March 28, 2018

THE oil and gas industry in PNG do not use fracking technology.

This is the assurance from Minister for Petroleum Dr Fabian Pok amidst rumours that the recent 6.5 magnitude earthquake was caused by petroleum activities in Hela and Southern Highlands.

“People need to focus on the relief efforts to support those affected by the recent earthquakes and others affected by it,” he said.

Mr Pok said the Prime Minister has announced an independent investigation into the earthquake and it is now time to put aside speculation following aftershocks and to concentrate on efforts on helping people recover and rebuild their lives.

“I welcome the investigations and while we consult with experts, I want to make it clear that there is no fracking for oil and gas being done. Oil and gas in PNG is being extracted using conventional wells that are tapping into underground reservoirs which hold free flowing gas. Fracking technology is used in other parts of the world because their gas is tightly trapped between rocks,” he said.

Mr Pok said licences that the oil and gas industry operate under do not permit fracking. And the Department of Petroleum as the regulator of the industry monitors all oil and gas operations.

He reiterated that there was no fracking used to extract oil and gas anywhere in the country.

He said there are a number of reputable geology and geophysics experts in PNG including the Department of Mining and GeoHazards who can assist with more information and let us allow them to investigate further while we turn our energy to assist people in need.

The comments by the Minister comes following ongoing speculation and misleading statements especially in the social media on the cause of the earthquake.



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4 responses to “Fracking Technology Not Used: Pok

  1. Minister Pok may be right in saying there is no fracking in oil extracting in Hela Province.
    Do we need to trust a Government which is also part owner of a non renewable natural reources extracting and exporting company to tell the truth about the cause of the earth quake in Hela Province? The company is bringing in a lot of bugs suposedly for the country.
    There is no earth quake record anywhere in the world which shows that an non volcanic related earth quake has shaken a particular area almost daily for a month.
    The truth is that Hela Province is sinking to replace the vacum created by extracting the gas which supprted the rocks above. Please get fast to the truth and do the right thing for the peoples safety before it is too late.

  2. pkamick

    Someone lied to (misinformed) Pok, or is he knowingly and willingly lying to the people of PNG?

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