New Ireland elders urged to clarify stance on experimental seabed mining

The Chief of Kono village is one of the few who are protesting against seabed mining – Picture: Alliance of Solwara Warriors

Loop PNG | 3 July 2018

A challenge has been issued to the New Ireland Council of Elders to clarify their stance on seabed mining.

During World Ocean Day last month, the Alliance of Solwara Warriors reiterated that the development of new ocean industries, such as deep seabed mining, is a shared concern and responsibility.

“It will be very interesting to see which side they support. Are they going to be concerned about our culture, customs and traditions?

“Their leadership as custodians of our natural resources is very important,” said the Alliance in a statement.

“Can they see beyond their noses and expose their true colour of leadership or are they politically bestowed the titles of chief?

“The people of New Ireland are watching.”


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One response to “New Ireland elders urged to clarify stance on experimental seabed mining

  1. As a passionate person concerned about the oceans and, more important, the people and environment of Papua New Guinea, THIS is the most compelling statement against seabed mining in the territory. Thank you for keeping me informed.

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