Local Gold Miners Get Raw Deal From Australian Buyer

Jerry Sefe | Post Courier | September 19, 2018

A small scale gold miner in Morobe is now worried that he might not be able to get the sum of money worth his 4.6 kilogram gold given to an Australian gold buyer in 2013.
The miner (named) who is a local from Aseki in Menyamya district told Post-Courier that his gold weighing 4.6kg was given in exchange of payment and business to an international gold buyer named Chris Walker of Brisbane, Australia in 2013, but he has never received his complete payment up until today.
He said it was through the arrangement of PNG National Small Scale Miners Association Incorporation vice president and general secretary Joe Bronston that linked him including 15 other gold owners from various provinces to go into business with Chris Walker.
It is now after six years and he is still waiting for the complete payment of his gold.
He said Mr Walker has also taken 45kg of gold from the other 15 individuals and wanted them to keep topping up the gold until 100kg then he would move his business to Port Moresby and work with them.
“I was only given AUS$10, 000 (PGK 23,489.4) as a spending money according to Mr Walker and his wife Jessica Groff while 1.5kg of the total 4.6kg of gold was going to be my share in the business and rest of the payment was supposed to be given to me later,” the man said.
However nothing turned out the way he expected in the agreement between Mr Walker and him.
A detailed statement from Mr Bronston said he knew Chris Walker and Peter Walker for almost 20 years and have been living together as families in PNG in 1988.
However, Mr Bronston when speaking to Post-Courier described Mr Walker and wife Jessica of Noosa, Queensland as perpetrators despite their close family relationship.
Mr Bronston said one of the most talked about business between them was how to develop alluvial mining in PNG from which in 2010, Mr Walker came up with the plan to introduce PNG Bullion Exchange in PNG.
“I informed various miners in different parts of the country and we agreed to Chris Walkers plan and the first four day meeting was held in Brisbane to achieve the plan of producing 100 kilos of gold so it would give confidence to investors to come to PNG to set up PNG Gold Exchange trade centre” said Mr Bronston.
Mr Bronston said the negotiation with miners to go into business with Mr Walker was agreed by all and the trip was taken care of by Queensland customs Broker Glenys Gardener whom was contracted by Australian Coin and Bullion Exchange in Melbourne.
“I did 18 trips of gold delivery under my PNG Mining Department Export Permit as Geological Sampling to Walker in Brisbane. Meanwhile the gold had a purity rate of 89percent (gold purity), Mr Bronston said.
He said each time he brought the gold to Mr Walker, after confirming weight and genuineness, he then transports the precious metal to the Australian Coin & Bullion Exchange for analysis and sampling, where the gold is then refined to 99.99 gold purity.
“Until 2013 the miners began following up on the establishment of Gold Exchange Trading in Port Moresby as promised. Subsequently this led to the disappearance of the Walkers.
“I told them in one of the gathering of miners in Port Moresby that we must continue to produce and arrive at 100kg of pure gold then the establishment of PNG GOLD Exchange will be announced, by the time the 45kg pure gold was already in Brisbane.
“However I was reported to the detectives at Boroko police station by miners repeatedly by different miners who doubted this work program (100kg gold exchange) as they felt it would drag on”, Mr Bronston said.
He said some of the miners wanted money for their gold, others listened and followed what was said while a few took his families as hostage at one time.
“I stopped delivering when I noticed Mr Walker and his wife Jessica stopped responding to my calls and emails during the tussle.
“I even flew down twice to follow up but still no indication of their presence. They had their address changed and perhaps went into hiding,” he said.
He said the matter was also reported to the Noosa Heads Police station and a complaint was also filed with Detectives Chad Kereama and Jason Brown. The investigation has since taken four years and is still pending.


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18 responses to “Local Gold Miners Get Raw Deal From Australian Buyer

  1. Looks like the Ausies conspired to steal the gold. they should be made to trace where the partner theif is and return all gold to the respective owners.

  2. Peter Wau

    I am from an area in Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea where gold was our normal way of earning our living each day. We have been cheated by such lunatics for somes years back before independence and so much of our gold has been taken out. We have have been promised returns for our valuable treasure but nothing in return since now.
    I appeal to every hardworking small scale owners not to give any amount of gold to any person whether a Papua New Guinean or other persons apart from a Papua New Guinean promising that some good exports or whatsoever good things will come. We have some good gold buying company located in Lae and Port Moresby where we ourself can sell it and have money worth of our sweat.
    I am not happy with Walker for such behaviour, it is a crime for stealing such amount of money. That mining consultants can organise with the appropriate department in PNG and held that person (Walkers) accountable that.

    • Jose Paul

      Would I able to buy Dore gold. I would like buy aroung 50 -100 kilo per month .please let you know your thoughts

      • Dear

        Am Mr, francis mensah a native of TARKWA Gold Mines. in Republic of
        West Africa .
        Am contacting you on behalf of my Community which comprises of mainly local
        Gold miners to represent and as well look for a prospective buyer for the
        bulk of Gold mined locally in our Community.
        My Community in conjunction with the Village heads has in their possession
        this article (Gold Dust)

        1. 200Kg Gold Dust
        2. 22+carat plus

        The Community as well as the right to go into any contract of extraction or
        mining with any interested person or company depending on the discussion
        reached between both parties concerned.
        If you are interested I would be glad to see you in ACCRA GHANA to sign an
        agreement before you can carry the Gold dust back to your country
        with me. I remain to hear from you soonest

        Mr MENSAH

      • Heath Stuart

        I can help you with supply. Please contact me on 0487890324 or email on heathstuart33@gmail.com

  3. Geoexmin Services

    The Walkers and Bronston should be further investigated.

    It is about time MRA and Bank of PNG, including IRC, take assessive control of the licensing process.

    Remove Bronstons’ permit to export gold samples.

  4. Gee Mail

    Make this a reserved occupation and ban all foreign gold buyers and allow only properly vetted PNG citizens to work in this industry.

  5. Glenys Gardner

    September 20, 2018 · 8:41 am
    Local Gold Miners Get Raw Deal From Australian Buyer

    You need to check your facts. You have used my name without checking with me and what you have written is totally incorrect. I did not arrange the trips for Mr Bronson and have no knowledge of the arrangements made between the Walkers and Mr Bronson. My Boss was contracted by Australian Coin and Bullion to arrange the customs clearance eg doing the paperwork only for the import that is we did.
    I want my name removed out of the article because what you wrote about me if a fabrication. Glenys Gardner

  6. Trent

    I’m the owner of Queensland Customs Brokers and we are currently working with the local Authorities. In no way are we associated to the importer and we only acted as a Customs agent in the normal clearance process. I would appreciate if you could re-frame from listing our staff and company as we are not affiliated in any way.

  7. Jamie

    Hello there,
    I want to know about gold Buyers located in Lae, Morobe Province. My Clients are looking for gold buyers as they want to sell gold but in Lae. that is my email address below; please contact me as soon as possible. Jamie

    • nathaniel kupp

      This is not an isolate case. What has happen should shed some light goiing forward industry watch dogs much see the need for a complete investigation on help our some holder alluvial miners.

  8. Jacob Tame

    Hi dear please how much for per gram/of
    I have 1kg of Gold nuguts.

  9. Michael Asante

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  10. Victor Tinoi

    Iam a small scale mining prospector in the milnebay area. I have a proline brand 3 inch dredge/ high banker combo machine I use to operate with. Iam very keen and interested to start the PNG alluvial miners association…. if kindly advice how or where to start.
    Many thanks
    Victor Tinoi

  11. I’m seeking a alluvial raw gold of nuggets, flakes, grains or dust buyer. I’m from the milnebay province. I operate under Merava Consultant. Merava Consultancy welcomes offshore gold buyers to partner in buying gold from its local miners. Interested may WhatsApp me on 72046312 or email at tvict72@gmail.com

  12. siri

    Selling More than 2kg gold from Porgera now in Port Moresby.

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  13. Melvin

    Hi there,

    I live in Brisbane Australia, I am originally from East Sepik Province PNG . I am planing to start a alluvial small scale gold mining company in my local area. Only problem is I don’t know much about PNG small scale gold mining business Lease Licencing regulations etc. Can anyone point me to the right directions who to contact to get the ball rolling

    • Adrian

      Dear Melvin

      I am from Sepik and Bougainville but I live in Bougainville. However, I can help you with registrating your gold company in PNG. And also you can buy gold here in Bougainville.

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