Change mining laws to give ownership rights

Landowners suffer the consequences of mining while outsiders take the benefits

Reuben G. Elijah | Post Courier| 15 April 2019

The laws on mineral rights must be changed to give real ownership rights to the inhabitants upon where the resources are found and extracted.

The mining law gives rights of ownership to the state, and the state, in turn, delegates that ownership right to the developer.

After the developer fully exploits the resources and destroys the surface land and all its natural surroundings, it gives it back to the state who then hands it over to the local inhabitants in its useless destructive form, expecting that the inhabitants will use it for subsistence survival.

In the whole equation, benefit proceeds are divided as 80 per cent to the developer and 20 per cent to the state. For the landowner inhabitants, there is nothing.

All that happens is that out of the state’s 20 per cent, a mere 2 per cent is given as a ‘token’ to the local inhabitants. So you see, there are ethical questions to ask on the formulae of benefits. This also clearly shows that local inhabitants (people) are not recognised as stakeholders at all.

The evidence of such unethical law and its aftermath consequence can be seen on Misima Island, after the so-called gold mine project from 1989 to 2004.

Our policy experts have to start thinking seriously and to give good advice to our parliamentarians to change the mining laws and the benefit formulas.



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2 responses to “Change mining laws to give ownership rights

  1. Karlsy Tasion

    Where do we start First?..
    Change the Government or Change the Mining Act to suit Government and landowners?

  2. Change is imminent,.The changes should benefit all the landowners.Make all laws to secure benefits for the landowners,
    Landowners be beneficiary not Govt
    The Developer must ensure benefits for landowners,

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