Kutubu LO’s See No Improvements Despite Oil Flowing For 26 Years

Kutubu LO’s Want Govt To Honour LNG Deal

Post Courier | May 27, 2019

The people of Kutubu have supported the economy of the country but the living conditions are still the same. The people who have never complaint before are now calling on the Government to help improve their lives.

Spokesman and young Kutubu landowner Asi Ibisubu say since 1989, the start of the Kutubu oil project, successive governments have ignored the plight of the people.

He said the wealth of Kutubu has and will continue to support the economy and improve the welfare of other Papua New Guineans so long as the oil and now the gas for the PNG LNG continues to flow.

Ibisubu says the Government should now consider the people of Kutubu and seal the road from Poroma to Moro and beyond so that the people travel on good seal road.

He said the Government should also consider running power (electricity) from Mendi to Kutubu so the people can use the opportunity to improve their lives.

“While we have oil flowing from Kutubu for 26 years, there is nothing to show for and what we ask is if the two project can be considered for the benefit of the people. We still live in Kunai thatched house and continue to live in our traditional way of life after 26 years. There is nothing to be proud of, unlike landowners in the Middle East who owns private jets. While we don’t aspire to be like them, at least we see improvements in our lives would make wonders. We would also appreciate if the laws are changed so it gives us a better deal to improve the lives of the people,” he said.

Ibusubu is also calling on the government to honour many of its commitment made to the PNG LNG project.

The said they have been quiet for a long time but they feel the road sealing and the electricity rollout projects are important for the people of Kutubu to help improve their lives.


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