Investigate Kurumbukari Landowners Association

John Mangua Yoga | Post Courier | 22 July 2019

The handling of public funds by the current executives of the Kurumbukari Landowners Association needs to be thoroughly investigated.

An urgent investigation must be conducted by the national fraud squad and anti corruption directorate because royalty monies disbursed to this association have been apparently misused and squandered as if there was no tomorrow.

Can the newly appointed executives organise yourselves and assist police and relevant government agencies ie; MRA, Madang provincial government and mining ministry to get to the bottom of this issue and expose this systematic corruption?

The poor landowners are suffering miserably while their so-called executives are silently milking their coffers. The living conditions of the landowners of this so-called world class mine are deplorable.

Landowners are living in shacks at Banu bridge – gateway to the Ramu nickel mine. Basic social services such as health,education and business spin-off for landowners seems to be minimal. The current executives have lost sight of their responsibility to effectively address the local landowners issues and problems.

They cannot continue on like this without proper foresight, vision and strategic plans to improve the wellbeing of it’s people. There is high speculation of gross abuse of public funds and mismanagement against the current executives. Whether this is true or false needs to be appropriately verified and substantiated by concrete evidence. Our poor landowners cannot suffer and be innocently victimised by their leaders’ follies.

Please my plea to the new executives-to-be is: go gather as much evidence as you can to verify and substantiate these allegations of gross misappropriation of public funds by the current executives and approach the Police Minister Bryan Kramer to lay your complaint because he is your MP and his government is now very vocal on weeding out entrenched corruption.

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