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Fighting Among Illegal Miners Worries Barrick

Barrick Gold looks to PNG government to sort out a mess that the Canadian mining company itself has created

Post Courier | December 30, 2019

Operator of the Porgera gold mine in Enga Province, Barrick Niugini Limited (BNL) has called on the government for an urgent intervention in Porgera after a protracted violent conflict between armed warring factions of illegal miners.

The operator stated that the illegal miners are believed to be from Tari.

The incident happened earlier this week on the Porgera Special Mining Lease which the clash occurred in the mine’s open pit area where numerous gun shots were discharged.

There were also reports from community members that many other combatants with injuries from the gun battle were carried away from the area by their accomplices.

The gun battle came just 24 hours after mine security personnel and members of the PNG police recov-ered the body of a woman who had died of significant injuries, including gun-shot wounds, within the mine’s operations area. The woman was also believed to be from Tari.

“BNL is appalled by the level of lawlessness that is continuing to pervade the Porgera district, and is particularly concerned by the senseless killing and the use of rearms by warring groups of illegal miners who have invaded Porgera from other areas.

“The on-going use of rearms by outside criminal elements continues to create fear among the community and local mine employees,” a company spokesman said.

“The company remains ready to support the government’s commitment to a long-term solution for Porgera’s law and order problems, following discussions between Police Minister Bryan Kramer and the community during the Minister’s recent visit to the district.”


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Mining Sector not giving enough Money to PNG : Expert

The National aka The Loggers Times | 23 December 2019

PAPUA New Guinea is not getting enough in terms of revenue generation from the resource projects it has, an expert says.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) tax adviser Vy Tran made the statement during the launch of the mining audit programmes and mine closure and rehabilitation plan in Port Moresby on Friday.

“PNG has a long history of mining,” he said.

“Our friends from MRA told me that mining started in the 1930s.

“So that’s almost 90 years of mining in PNG.

“During that time, the questions has been whether the citizens have seen the benefits from the mining sector.

“Jobs come from mining. But the other question was that whether the taxation revenue has flowed from that.

“Taxation revenue is very important in terms of redistributing that wealth to other citizens.”

Tran further noted that in 2007, OECD conducted a study that looked at taxation revenues as a measure against GDP.

“PNG’s ratio in that respect was 13 per cent,” he said.

“The question is that is that a strong percentage?

“When compared to your peers in the Pacific, it ranked the lowest.

“It was ranked lowest in terms of revenue collection to GDP.

“At the same time, in comparison to developed countries that are resource rich like Australia, Australia was more than doubled that ratio.”

Tran said in comparison to the average in Africa, PNG ranked five per cent lower than African countries.

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Alluvial mining sector has huge potential


LOOP PNG | 24 December 2019

Over a billion kina can be generated from the Alluvial Mining Industry if small scale miners are upskilled.

The Small Scale Mining Training Centre in Wau, Morobe Province, is one such facility upskilling small scale miners in the sector.

And so far the results have been positive with more than 5000 small scale miners graduating through the program.

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ABG President Momis bans several Foreign Company Executives from Entering Bougainville

President of the autonomous Bougainville government, John Momis. Photo: RNZI

Press Statement | PNG Today | December 22, 2019  

It has been brought to the attention of the ABG that certain foreign company executives and shareholders who have a travel ban imposed on them are still continuing to disrespect our customs and laws, and causing disharmony amongst our people at such a critical time in Bougainville’s history.

As such the ABG has had no choice but request the assistance of the Prime Minister of the National Government, Hon. James Marape MP and the Office of Immigration and Border Security, to impose a travel ban on the below individuals from entering PNG and Bougainville:

Mr Michael J Carrick – Chairman of RTG Mining

Ms Justine A Magee – CEO and Executive Director of RTG Mining

Mr Mark Turner – COO of RTG Mining

Mr Robert N Smith – Non-Executive Director of RTG Mining

Mr Phillip C Lockyer – Non-Executive Director of RTG Mining

Mr Renzie Duncan – Shareholder Central Exploration Pty Ltd.

Mr Nikolajs (Nik) Zuks – Shareholder of Kalia Group

I confirm this travel ban was put in place on 3rd October 2018, and now again on 24th September 2019. This travel ban will not be uplifted under any circumstance.

I hope this clears up any confusion or misunderstanding for anyone currently interacting with these individuals on the false hope of future business partnerships in PNG and Bougainville.


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Australian miner admits workers attacked in Bougainville

Radio New Zealand | 20 December 2019 

The Australian-owned miner, Kalia, has revised its account of how its geologist, Terry Wyn Kilya, died in north Bougainville.

Mr Kilya, from Enga Province, was an employee of Kalia/Toremana Joint Venture Ltd, which has been conducting mineral exploration in a disputed area.

Last week, the company announced he had died “in a fall”, but the Bougainville government has said Mr Kilya was killed in a clash with a group it called “criminal thugs.”

However, Kalia yesterday advised the Australian Stock Exchange that Mr Kilya and seven other staff were attacked by “an outside group,” during which the geologist had a fatal fall.

It said the other staff were left with stab wounds, lacerations and soft tissue injuries.

The government in the PNG autonomous region earlier said the company was out of order to be encroaching on disputed land but the company said it had the permission of the landowners.

‘The company has miserably failed’

Bougainville’s President John Momis has linked the death to criminal elements in an area, where tensions exist due to unresolved social problems related to the mining exploration work.

He said it was deeply regrettable that a talented and experienced geologist, who came to the region to share his skills and expertise, had been killed.

“Bougainvilleans have spoken in the referendum vote that we want to be liberated and free to charter our new path ahead, but this sort of unnecessary incident is disheartening,” Mr Momis said in a statement.

Mr Momis extended an apology and his condolences to Mr Kilya’s family and the people of Enga Province on behalf of the people and government of Bougainville.

A reconciliation payment or ‘bel kol’ of $US28,633 has been paid to the victim’s family to help with funeral arrangements.

“In our Melanesian way and culture, we want to truly say sorry to the people of Enga and the family of the late Terry Win Kilya by extending our ‘bel kol’ assistance to late Terry’s family,” he said.

Mr Momis had ordered the indefinite suspension of the company’s exploration licence and called for it to explain why such an avoidable tragedy was allowed to occur.

“The company has miserably failed to address its social issues and to fulfil its corporate social responsibility as a client of the ABG,” he said.

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Bougainville mine activities suspended

Autonomous Bougainville Government President John Momis.

The National aka The Loggers Times | 18 December 2019

AUTONOMOUS Bougainville Government President John Momis has announced that all exploration activities on Bougainville are suspended for an indefinite period

Momis said the Bougainville Executive Council (BEC) decided to suspend all exploration activities in Tinputz, Isina and Kokoda due to the killing of a non-Bougainvillean geologist in Tinputz on Friday.

“BEC has now suspended the Toremana Joint Venture Company activities in its tenement areas of EL03/EL04 until further notice.

“The BEC has also summoned Kalia/Toremana to explain why such an avoidable incident was allowed to happen in the first instance.

“The BEC has directed the deputy commissioner of Bougainville police to investigate and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Meanwhile, Kalia Ltd has passed their condolences in a statement to the late Terry Win Kilya’s family and his friends.

“Terry Kilya received fatal injuries in a fall while undertaking fieldwork on the company’s Mt Tore tenement around midday on Friday. The company is working with local police and officers from the Department of Minerals and Resources Energy to determine the full circumstance related to the incident. The company through Tore Joint Venture Ltd manages two exploration licences on Bougainville.”

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Geologist killed at Bougainville mine

Clifford Faiparik | The National aka The Loggers Times | 17 December 2019

SOME disgruntled landowners allegedly killed a geologist from Enga at a new gold mining project on Bougainville last Friday, Bougainville Police Service commander Francis Tokura confirmed.

“The suspects armed with bush knives and axes confronted the geologist and his local workers and pushed him over the cliff, resulting in him hitting hard on the stones at the base of the cliff,” Tokura said.

“His body has been brought to the Buka General Hospital and police have been deployed to that remote area in Tinputz to talk to the chiefs there.

“Also, we are awaiting a post-mortem report to investigate his death. But from visual examination, there are bruises on his body indicating that there was a physical struggle.”

Tokura said yesterday that the geologist, Terry Win Kilya, was killed at an exploration site called Melelup in North Bougainville.

“From reports, some disgruntled landowners attacked him. The other workers also sustained serious wounds from the knives and axes and they are also admitted at the Hospital.”

Tokura said Kilya was employed by a Joint Venture Company called the Toremana Joint Venture.

“The TJV comprises a foreign mining company called Kalia Ltd and the landowners company called Toremana Resources Ltd.

“And they are doing exploration for gold.

“But as always throughout PNG, there will always be difference among the landowners over such project and that exploration area is huge.

“So the exploration of that area is through the arrangement with some other landowners and other landowners must have been angry.

“A lot of people are now claiming ownership of that area.

“It is something like the LNG project where there are disgruntlements among landowners of Papa and Lea lea villages in Central province.

“And so we have beefed up manpower in Tinputz to go into that area to conduct investigations but we are going through the community leaders because that area is so rugged terrain and isolated and is inaccessible by road as well.”

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