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Drilling to recommence at Crater Mountain

Cedric Patjole | PNG Loop | October 11, 2017

Crater Gold Mining Limited has announced to recommence drilling activities in the near term following an agreement to acquire a drill rig.

The company said this in line with its strategy to restart exploration at its flagship Crater Mountain Gold Project in Eastern Highlands Province.

CGM has agreed to purchase a 2002 Atlas Copco Diamec 252 drill rig (“Diamec 252 Drill Rig”) together with additional ancillary equipment. They include: A 415 volt 45 kilowatt electric over hydraulic power pack; A 1,000 volt 45 kilowatt electric over hydraulic power pack; An air over 22 kilowatt hydraulic power pack;Bob Cat mounting accessories; And feed frames and positioners, skid mounted; and Hydraulic motors and pumps.

The Diamec 252 Drill Rig is a very compact drill rig and is estimated to be able to drill diamond core holes of up to approximately 300 metres in length.

Despite reports that the CGM has had difficulties raising capital, the announcement is expected to see positive results shortly.

The project is located approximately 50km southwest of Goroka and comprises 3 connecting exploration licences, straddling the border between the Chimbu and Eastern Highlands provinces.

This region is in the centre of the New Guinea Orogen, an extensive geological zone that makes up the mountainous spine of PNG. The western portion of this zone encompasses the world class mining operations of Porgera, OK Tedi, Wafi-Golpu and Grasberg.


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Limestone project will go ahead

The National aka The Loggers Times

THE Government has assured the people of Chuave, in Chimbu, that the limestone project in the district will go ahead as planned.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill gave the assurance in Parliament yesterday, saying it was part of the Government’s commitment with Cabinet approving K28 million to go towards equity and feasibility studies.

He was responding to questions from Chuave MP Wera Mori, who asked if the funding could be channeled to the provincial government.

Mori asked the Government to consider another arrangement to park the money in the Department of State Enterprises which was eager to drive the project.

Mori had previously raised questions about the funding for the project to Trade and Commerce Minister Richard Maru.

He told the House that K2 million budgeted for the project had gone missing.

O’Neill said the arms of government and agencies had limitations “that we are not able to conduct and run businesses ourselves. That is why it is important that we find the right partner that has got experience”.

“I understand that the Simbu government and the MP and other stakeholders are doing just that.

“As soon as that is established we will transfer the funds to the company and to the provincial government as and when the partners and all stakeholders are established.”

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Geologist has high hopes for lime deposits

The National aka The Loggers Times

THE mining of the first 100km  of limestone deposit in some of Chimbu’s mountainous region has the capacity to last 100 years and generate millions of kina, chief consultant and geologist Kon Digan says.

He pointed at some of the technicalities and findings of his feasibility studies in Kundiawa yesterday during a visit by a Chinese investor company.

Digan said the limestone deposits stretched along four districts for several hundred kilometres.

He said the deposits would last generations and was indeed a multi-million kina project.

He said his findings disclosed that the project would fetch up to K400 million a month.

Digan said the spinoffs from the project for landowners would be so enormous that it would spread over time and generations.

“We are happy to welcome China Mechanical Engineering Corporation, one of the many investors that showed interest to come and visit the sites for development before putting in necessary logistics before the project kicks off early next year,” Digan said.

CMEC has similar projects in Africa.

Engineers Ma Yebing (team leader) and Hu Rui and company projects manager Zhu Xiangmei arrived in Kundiawa yesterday on a fact-finding mission.

Chimbu Governor Noah Kool and administrator Joe Kunda welcomed the team and took them through a Powerpoint presentation yesterday afternoon.

They will be taken on a tour of project sites today.

Commercial lime, which is produced from limestone, has many industrial uses.

Province welcomes limestone project

Zachery Per

THE future of Chimbu lies in limestone, an internationally recognised limestone investor based in China says.

Team leader of visiting executives from the China Mechanical Engineering Corporation (CMEC) Ma Yebing told a packed crowd in Kundiawa, including provincial administrator Joe Kunda and Governor Noah Kool yesterday that the future of Chimbu was hanging on the limestone resource it has.

CMEC, an internationally recognised company, has shown interest in developing the limestone resource in a joint venture with Simbu Limestone Development Corporation Ltd for the people of the province.

Yebing, an engineer with CMEC, said they were here to develop the limestone and build a treatment plant, but this first visit was to discuss technical issues associated with the project and find solutions.

He quoted a Chinese proverb, ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step’, and said they were now taking the first step.

“The Chimbu limestone project will be successful because your future is hanging on it,” he said.

The other team members are Hu Rui, an engineer, and  Zhu Xiangmei,  the project manager.

Kool welcomed the team, describing the visit as a special occasion in the initial stage of the project.

“The national Government is giving undivided support to the project through the Commerce and Trade Department and the provincial government is determined to see the first cement bag from the limestone,” Kool said.

“We want to see a cement factory come into fruition.”

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Industry sets eyes on limestone

The National aka The Loggers Times

LIMESTONE could be the next big mining project for PNG, Mining Vice-Minister Wera Mori says.

This includes his own electorate, Chuave, in Chimbu, which is well known for its limestone cliffs.

“We have a lot of limestone resources in the country,” Mori told reporters on Thursday.

“This includes Chimbu limestone, which extends from Eastern Highlands to Jiwaka.

“The limestone of Jiwaka has been tested.

“It is of 99% purity.

“We want developers to come and help us produce the lime.

“We’re looking at cement.

“We can produce cement locally in PNG when we have limestone, and we’re looking at mining gypsum in places like East New Britain.

“The scope of cement and lime is big in PNG now.”


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Firms set for exploration in Chimbu

The National

LOCAL company Kair Engineering Ltd has signed a joint venture agreement with Australian-based Corporate Executive Mining Ltd in Port Moresby to conduct mineral exploration in Chimbu.

The directors and shareholders of Corporate Executive Mining Ltd (Australia) also announced a 50-50 joint venture partnership with Kair Engineering Ltd.

Corporate Executive Mining Ltd managing director Robert Tindal said Kair Engineering was a 100% nationally-owned company operating in Chimbu.

“Corporate Executive Mining is proud of our new partnership and look forward to working with the communities in PNG,” he said.

Executive director Steven Kilage said it would be the first mine in Chimbu and was a big investment doing a joint venture with a local firm.

“We are proud of the formation of new partnership and it’s significant in delivering the first gold mine in Chimbu,” he said.

Kair Engineering Ltd managing director David Herman Tambagle added the joint venture was also a milestone for the province

“This is a milestone step of a thousand journeys yet to be covered.

“To reach a destination only takes a bold one-baby step at a time,” he said.

“We have struggled to do business in the country and it’s a milestone for the company.”

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