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Petroleum Dept lacks ‘expertise’

PNG Liquefied Natural Gas Plant near Port Moresby. Photo: Richard Dellman.

Luke Kama | The National aka The Loggers Times | August 9, 2019

THE Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE) has a shortfall in technical expertise that needed to be addressed by the Government through recruiting competent and qualified personnel from the open market, an expert says.

Johannes Kaman, a national resource economist who has worked around the world on various oil and gas and mining projects, told The National yesterday that PNG was a country rich with oil, gas and minerals but needed the best technical advice to get the most out of those resources, and that advice had to come from the DPE.

“Oil and gas and the mineral sector is a very technical sector that needs the best people with the required skills, knowledge and expertise in those fields to carry out the task on behalf of the State and negotiate with developers,” he said.

Kaman said the failure in addressing the outstanding landowner issues and benefits sharing matrix concerning the PNG LNG and the failure in securing a better Papua LNG deal was a result of poor technical expertise in the department.

“The government needs to enquire about why the senior positions of the DPE which were advertised externally calling for applicants in the open market was withdrawn and the advertisements done again through an internal advertisement,” he said.

“The Government needs to find out why that was the case because people in all the senior positions in the DPE are acting on the positions.

“And some of them are not qualified and do not have the skills, knowledge and the technical expertise to be there.”

Kaman said PNG needed to get a better deal from its resources and there was really an urgent need to review the technical expertise at DPE.

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Gas, oil law eyed to plug loophole for landowners

Armed clan near Komo, Hela Province, Papua New Guinea. Photo by Michael Main

If full-scale mapping and identification was not done why did the Department of Petroleum approve the PNG LNG?

Could Kepsey Puiye and Fabian Pok please explain?

Lemach Lavari | The National aka The Loggers Times | 1 June 2018

There is no provision in the Oil and Gas Act to penalise companies which fail to carry out full landowner identification before the development of resources, according to Department of Petroleum assistant secretary Kepsey Puiye.

He said yesterday that Section 47 of the Oil and Gas Act directed project developers to undertake full-scale social mapping and landowner identification.

Puiye said that was not done for the PNG LNG project.

He said he had advised Petroleum Minister Dr Fabian Pok to amend the Act right away.

“Our gas potential is very huge and we cannot continue to do business under the existing arrangement,” Puiye said.

“We want to improve on the way we conduct business and to get the maximum benefit so that we can develop and modernise our country.”

Pok said his department was in the process of setting up a petroleum authority.

“The bill is now going to come before the National Executive Council,” he said.

“We are working to ensure that the act and the bill for an authority complement each other.”


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