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Gulf Landowners Take Papua LNG Dispute To Court

Post Courier | April 25, 2019

Three weeks after the State signed the gas development agreement with Total SA and its minor partners to develop the US$13 billion gas project in Gulf Province, dissent continues to be voiced among key stakeholders.

Disgruntled landowners from Baimuru LLG in Gulf Province who host the Elk and Antelope gas fields are taking their dispute to court.

In a media conference yesterday in Port Moresby, a group led by former political leaders Roy Evara, Havila Kavo, and former diplomat Jacob Kairi stressed that any signing of a memorandum of understanding between the State and the Gulf provincial government in Kerema would be deemed illegal because it does not comply with section 47 of the Oil and Gas Act.

This part of the Act, they claim, is crucial that the developer had to identify the landowners but this has not happened yet.

“We sit here as disgruntled people of Baimuru,” said Rueben Akia, a spokesman of the group.

“We think that there is possible breach of the Oil and Gas Act. By law our voice should be heard in a development forum.”

Mr Kairi shared similar sentiments, saying: “The provincial government is running ahead of the people.”

The group has demanded that the proposed MOU and any other agreements between the Gulf provincial government and the State outside of the development forum, as required by the Oil and Gas Act must not be signed.

Roy Evara Jr who leads the Purari development association, said the landowners are united and would pursue proper administrative process.

“What is about to take place between the provincial government and the State breaches the Oil and Gas Act,” he said.

“We’d like to urge caution, we are not in the dark. We want our resources to be developed according to our wishes and in line with the laws.”

The NEC was to deliberate on the MOU before signing today in Kerema but it has been deferred.

Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta has confirmed via WhatsApp message about the deferral but did not detail why it was so when inquiries were made.

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