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Lutherans Walk 9 days Across Highlands Region Campaigning Against Experimental Seabed Mining


Rachel Shisei | EMTV News | 23 November 2016

It took 9 days and an estimated total of 261 kilometres, for a group of Lutherans, to walk four Highlands provinces.

Their outreach awareness focused on the issues affecting ‘God’s creations’, or the natural resources in the country. The campaign specifically aimed at the Experimental Seabed Mining project, the only kind in the world licensed by the government, to operate in the country.

“We are not in favor of this ‘experimental’ seabed mining project to happen in the country, so we’re including and doing awareness in our outreach. If we don’t do it, who else will?” said Pastor Matei Ibak, the Lutheran Youth Bible Study Master.

Ibak said, despite speaking about the ‘sea’ to people of the Highlands provinces; most people were in tears when the youth group from Karkar Island performed dramas and songs, expressing the importance of the sea to their livelihood, and country as a whole. This, he said, is a sign that people agree, that things are going the wrong way and may become worse, if nothing is done in time.

Former Chief Justice, a Karkar Islander and a Lutheran churchgoer himself, Sir Arnold Amet weighed in on the issue saying that in terms of awareness, the government has a lot more work to do to help the people understand the environmental; biological; and oceanographic impacts that the mining activity can have on the sea once disturbed.

“The potential impact upon the sea life is still uncertain so I am expressing the view against the project from continuing until those issues are fully explained to the people.

Sir Amet said, it is very vital that for such projects, the whole government, regardless of the various departments and levels of government, should unite and respond in accordance.

“There’s a lack of united response that results in many issues remaining outstanding until disasters strike,” said Sir Amet.

Pastor Ibak pointed out, that their awareness is not based only on the Lutheran faith, but promoting Christianity as a whole in the country; that in the beginning God created the earth, and gave man his first duty to look after the land and everything on it.

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Nation’s Lutherans await PM’s response on ‘experimental’ seabed mining

lutherans seabed mining

Rachel Shisei | PNG Loop

More than 1.2million churchgoers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) nationwide are still awaiting Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s response to the petition they handed to his office last year against the controversial Seabed Mining.

lutherans seabed mining 2The ELC-PNG Bible Study Master, Pastor Matei Ibak confirmed that the church hadn’t received any response from Mr O’Neill’s office from the day the petition representing 1.2million of them was made till  today.

Pr Ibak said the church was expecting a response to the petition sooner from Mr O’Neill, since he is a Lutheran churchgoer and therefore proudly regarded as a ‘Son of the Lutheran Church’ being the Prime Minister.

The petition was made at the 29th Synod of the Lutheran Church held on Karkar Island in Madang Province last year, which saw presidents of all 17 districts in the country representing their congregation and siging the petition against Seabed Mining at the Synod.

He said the church clearly stated on the petition that this act to allow the Canadian-owned company Nautilus to touch the country’s seabed is clearly not a Christian practice as it is against what the bible instructs.

The petition signed by the ELC-PNG Head Bishop, Reverend Giegere Wenge, stated the bible verses of Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 2:15 to support their stand against the undersea mining.

The ELC-PNG, like all other NGOs and individuals against this undersea mining, clearly indicated the word ‘experimental’ before the words ‘seabed mining’ on its petition to show that it is against the company experimenting in Papua New Guinea’s seas.



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O’Neill’s ‘No Response’ to the ELCPNG on ESM


Picture: Lutheran followers gather in protest against Experimental Seabed Mining

Red Soil | ACT NOW!

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neil has not responded to the appeal made by more than 2 million Lutherans nationwide, to not go ahead with the said Experimental Seabed Mining (ESM) to happen in Papua New Guinea.

A statement signed by the ELCPNG Head Bishop, Rt. Rev. Kiegere Wenge was released right after the Church’s 29thsynod held on Karkar Island last year (2014), directed to the O’Neill government to let them know that the Lutherans are not in favor of mining the seabed, as it is against biblical scriptures that instruct men to take care of nature.

There was no response from the O’Neill government so a letter signed by Reverend Kinim Siloi of the Lutheran church, aimed at the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was released as a follow up.

The letter basically asked Mr O’Neill, who is a Lutheran Church-goer himself, to clarify why he is supporting the Canadian-based Nautilus company despite the church’s wishes with 1.2 million objections. Despite the letter getting the local and international media’s attention, there was no response from Mr O’Neill.

Nonetheless, the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) made a statement, confirming the Pacific churches stand in solidarity with the Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea against the much rushed ESM. As you might have guessed, there’s still no response from Mr O’Neill, the Prime Minister till today.

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PNG Church says no to seabed mining

Radio New Zealand

The head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea is calling for the Prime Minister to reconsider seabed mining.

Pastor Kinim Siloi says the church’s 1.2 million members are opposed to the deep sea mining plans by the Canadian based company Nautilus.

He says he has written a letter to the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill calling for a re-think as there is already enough mining going on in PNG.

He says the church is concerned about the potential disastrous environmental consequences of deep sea mining.

“There will be disasters, and natural disasters happen anytime as we know. And we have already seen the effect of climate change along the coastal parts of Papua New Guinea and many islands. And if this seabed mining takes place, what extent of the damage will be done?”

Pastor Kinim Siloi says he has not yet had a reply from the Prime Minister.

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PNG church says PM betrays over seabed mining

Radio New Zealand

No ESM StatementA church in Papua New Guinea has accused the country’s Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, of betraying his people by allowing deep sea mining.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church has called on Mr O’Neill to explain why he supported Canadian-based Nautilus in its deep sea mining project despite the objections of 1.2 million Lutherans and the teachings of the Bible.

In a letter to the prime minister, the church’s Pastor Kinim Siloi, said the church wanted answers.

Mr O’Neill is a member of the Lutheran church.



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Churches against experimental seabed mining

The National aka The Loggers Times

Churches against seabed mining

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Pacific churches back Lutheran opposition to experimental seabed mining

PCC to support Evangelical Lutheran Church PNG Initiative

Pacific Islands News Association

PROTEST 2 600 by 400The Pacific Conference of Churches has supported calls from a PNG church for a halt to Deep Sea Mining (DSM).

About 1.2 million members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) have said no to Experimental Seabed Mining after its synod on Karkar Island, Madang Province.

The members have also given their church leaders approval to address the issue with the PNG Government.

PCC General Secretary, Reverend Francois Pihaatae, said the initiative was one of self-determination and Pacific people should be encouraged to decide what was best for their future.

“Just because Western economic models call for the use of deep sea mineral deposits does not mean we should mine the floor of the ocean with possible disruption of the eco-systems,” Rev Pihaatae said.

“Two weeks ago in the Cook Islands the region’s leading authority on seabed mining admitted there is not enough research with which to support the safety of this mining – we must be very careful.

“Therefore, the PCC stands in solidarity with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in PNG and says no to deep sea mining.”

This vote against seabed mining is in line with a Pacific Conference of Churches General Assembly resolution in Honiara last year.

The church is expected to make a statement shortly, challenging the PNG government’s move to allow international and local corporations to take part in mining the seabed.

The church will also challenge Prime Minister Peter O’Neil as a member of the Lutheran church to act on this call from his people.

Lutherans make up 20 per cent of PNG’s population.

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1.2 million Lutherans says no to Nautilus and experimental seabed mining

No ESM Statement

The Lutheran General Synod meeting in Madang

The Lutheran General Synod meeting in Madang

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Sios bai toktok mo long isu blong envairenmen

Lutheran Church to add two million voices to opposition to experimental seabed mining…

Kenya Kala | Radio Australia

Samting olsem 3-tausen deliget ibin stap insait long bung bilong  2014 Evangelical Lutheran Church long Papua New Guinea Synod.

Reuben Mete, National Youth Director -Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (L)Reverend Matei Ibak(R) long Konfrens.

Reuben Mete, National Youth Director -Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (L)Reverend Matei Ibak(R) long Konfrens.

Odio: Reuben Mete, National Youth Director -Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea

Insait long wan-wik miting na toktok bung, envairment na climate change ibin hap blong displa ol toktok long hau Sios imas mekim moa long bringim isu blong displa bikpla heve insait long planti komuniti long kantri.

Reuben Mete, em i National Youth Director na i tok , Lutheran Church nao i pasin tok long bik-maus moa long ol bagarap long maining long giraun oa insait long solowara.

Em i tok, sios i gat samting olsem tu milian memba long en na em bai bringim ol dispela isu bilong Climate Change, drought na sea level rise igo long bikpela miting bilong ol sios long Pasifik.

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Lutheran pastors reiterate call to stop experimental seabed mining

Two ELC-PNG pastors are calling on the O’Neill Government to take precaution with the much-rushed experimental seabed mining project in Papua New Guinea.

Reverend Pastor Kinim Siloi of Bagabag Island in Madang said, since 2008 coastal communities of Madang, New Ireland, East New Britain and Milne Bay have resisted this project mainly because they fear their livelihoods will be interrupted.

Pastor Matei

Pastor Matei Ibak during a youth conference on Karkar Island recently

He said the Bagabag Islanders were the first to oppose this project and we are still against it today.

He said Karkar and Bagabag Islands are heavily populated islands who depend much on the sea for their survival. This message has been repeated over the years but the PNG government and Nautilus Minerals are deliberately ignoring the people.

This project is not in the interest of the majority of coastal and island people in PNG.

Reverend Pastor Mateo Ibak said to conduct experiments in our sea floor such as the one proposed by Nautilus Minerals is crazy. They cannot use God’s house to satisfy their greed.

He said, he and his people have been against this insane project since the beginning and will continue to do so.

Both pastors Siloi and Ibak stressed that the O’Neill government seriously needs to rethink this project. They said, already island and coastal communities are experiencing the impacts of climate change and they cannot afford any more uncalled for situations.

Rev Pastor Ibak said Nautilus wants to be a world-class mine. Unfortunately for Nautilus Minerals the PNG seas are not where it will gain its international prestige. It must respect the wishes of the people of Papua New Guinea and leave.

Rev Pastor Siloi made reference to Vanuatu and highlighted that the churches there have come out against this project and so has their Minister for Lands and Natural Resources Mr Ralph Regenvanu. Vanuatu wants to have the information about this project first before they make some decision. PNG hasn’t the information about this experimental project but wants to rush ahead anyway.

They said furthermore, the ELCPNG and the United Church of PNG were delegates at the recent Pacific Conference of Churches Assembly in Solomon Islands who issued a statement against deep sea mining in the region. The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa in New Zealand supported them.

We are supporting the Pacific Conference of Churches in their call for the PNG government to review its decision on seabed mining.


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