Country Manager – Newcrest furthers propaganda on proposed Fiji copper mine

By Frances Lagilagi

The Fiji Sun (24 June) reported from the Namosi Provincial Council meeting ‘assurances’ to Namosi landowners, from the Newcrest Country Manager, Greg Morris. This list of assurances were meant to appease traditional leaders of the land that the Australian company is a friend, not foe. In the end though, this meeting brought further anxiety to the people about the proposed project pitting the ‘high chief’ of Namosi against the people of the land. Greg’s words instead of appeasing, further inflamed the situation confirming for the people of Namosi, that lies will continue to rain on them as long as the  Australian mining giant and their partners want to extract minerals under the ground.

Perhaps Greg is too new to Fiji that he has missed the process that has led to the 92% of the landowners represented by the TNLC saying ‘NO MINING’. Perhaps, Greg, being new to Fiji still thinks that Fijians are incapable of saying ‘enough!’.

What would help Greg and Newcrest (NJV) is to hear what the people are saying – NO MINING! This petition seeking the views of the people on whether or not they would want the SPL1420 license to continue yielded the 92% result that ‘no, the people do not want the SPL to continue’. They are not even looking at the proposed mine for they believe that the PM has their interest at heart.

Yet, Greg attends the Namosi Provincial Council meeting and is given the time to spread the propaganda. He obviously dazzled the Tui Namosi with promises of ‘no relocation’, ‘ore process site’, ‘no cyanide or mercury’, and ‘mine closure and rehabilitation plan’. Because  Greg believes his own propaganda, he simply expects Fiji to roll over and say ‘yes’ just like his friend the Tui Namosi.

So, just for Greg’s benefit, there is a need to return to the recent past to understand the stagnated present: the Prime Minister of Fiji stopped SPL1420 because Newcrest has not been rehabilitating the land even under the exploration license. The great word ‘rehabilitation’ for Newcrest is this – ‘today, I uproot and cut down your dakua tree and in its place I will plant ‘co’ (par grass)’. This was the last in a long line of Newcrest lies, to the people of Namois and Fiji that the Prime Minister immediately suspended the SPL1420 until ‘proper’ rehabilitation work is completed. It has now been 6 months since that landmark decision by Bainimarama. And one of the main reason why Greg is now attending vanua meetings throwing Newcrest ‘facts’ around the place.



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8 responses to “Country Manager – Newcrest furthers propaganda on proposed Fiji copper mine

  1. pd12345

    Frances, bro, I think you been smoking the the “co” ca that Greg was supposed to have planted for you!! You are severely disillusion-al and a danger to society, being a road block to Fiji’s opportunity for development and prosperity. I don’t think Greg is spreading propaganda, he is actually telling people how Newcrest will operate and he is telling the truth, but you have your view that it is all “toxic”…. sa nut case sara.. and you evidently don’t want to entertain anything that is contrary to your ill-informed view.

    Speaking of which, factually, what toxic damage has been inflicted on the environment by Newcrest under the Special Prospecting License… there are photos of sumps allegedly spilling toxic effluent.. this is cooling water sumps for the exploration diamond drills to cool the rock as the drill is drilling — this water is captured to be reused in a closed circuit with the drill. It is water…. not chemicals… water that has washed over rock..and I do not work for Newcrest and that is the honest truth.

    Ok yes some trees have been cut and a patch of jungle cleared for the diamond drills… and how worse is this compared to the loggers that cut tracks into the forest for indiscriminate logging… the logging is way worse, or the road that goes from Nabukavesi into Namosi… I bet you dont want that road “rehabilitated”…. be pragmatic and fair France, because your exaggerations and distortions are an irritation and a distraction of what could well be the saviour to Fiji’s poverty plight.

    • You say that you dont work for NJV, Your explanation about the drill and water tells us of your knowledge inside NJV.
      Nomu sona ga pd12345…..We are not stupid….take your explanation and lay it nicely ina na nomui cici.

      • Waisake…please, please, you think Namosi is the only place in the world where this type of drill is used [that is how stupid you are]…. yes I have inside knowledge of mining and how this equipment operates, but I am not associated with NJV in any way…so please leave you insults for yourself. By the way, the issue remains, how is it that drill wash water is toxic — the same practise done at Namosi by Newcrest is also done world wide and is accepted practise as it is acknowledged there is no toxicity involved.

      • kepas dykwad

        This blog is now sellingthat? advertising space to the mining industry, it seems.
        Where is the impartiality in

  2. Good on you Francis.
    These bullies just doesn’t get. He can go employ his dirty tactics in other countries especially his own…..NOT NAMOSI….
    Please do not temper with our emotion…..For that arsehole chief you sleeping with….he doesnt know anything becuase he does not own any land and he is not qualified to be holding that title.

    So greg my advice pack up and do your business elsewhere. You know our tears and the tears of the land can be very devastating.

  3. James

    Yeah sorry, there is no cyanide leaching in the drilling process just water…
    Its funny how so people attack companies but dont have the understanding about what they are speaking about. Frances perhaps if you read up on these things it would be pretty easy to avoid error. I dont know anything about you but after reading some of your blog, i can tell you are sloppy with details. Makes you wonder what’s the real propaganda?

    • James
      Your post is just wrong.
      How can you say this?
      Every one knows there is a huge amout of cyanide coming from the mines.
      More peple say its true and those who say its not true
      How can you say this is not true.
      In a democracy it is the majority of opinions which make it true.
      We know this to be true because PNG is a democracy.
      Your opinon is bad because it robs us of our democratict right to make up our own minds in democratict way as to what the truth is.
      We are proud of our democracy and we are a true democracy because the people decide, with or without science, our Melanesian way tells us that we are a proud race of god fearing independant peoples or know the truth in our old ways by consensus.

  4. The Lord made (some) of humanity in his own image but others can be liken to sheep

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