Momis’ rare visit to Panguna

Ning Ani Osi onomai-kabumani noruampa nannie.

Ning ani ningkaningko nonomanani.

Miningko piamoa onomananie

Piarunani ning onomai.

I am this woman I live in the village. I do not know the government, what it does.

I live on what I earn.

I am in the village not wanting the government to talk about mining here.

I am this simply woman living in the village.

These were the words chanted by the women as the ABG president was carried on a platform with a pig

panguna jaba river

Special Bougainville Correspondent | ACT NOW!

On the 28th of November 2014 president John Momis and his delegation made a rare visit to Panguna for the launching community projects in the area. A piggery project, bridge constructed by Onove youths under the leadership of Mr Wency Toreau of the Bakerang clan, and a brick making project for Ioro people.

Firstly, a small ‘Tunsi Dare’ reconciliation ceremony was held at the local Ioro 2 C.O.E office before the President proceeded on with opening of the different projects at the site.

The ceremony turned sour at the end when the Mining minister was threatened by ex-combatants. Mr Toreau, man who headed the bridge construction team has decided to remove the bridge after hearing that funds allocated by the regional member for the bridge construction; was however diverted by a middleman to hire vehicles for the very important people from Buka to Panguna.

The North Nasioi constituency member to ABG confessed he ended up at the event after partying the whole night at Buka’s Kenny’s Hall. On the other hand President Momis came out very clear trying to make Bougainville Copper Limited look good in the eyes of the people. These are the people whom in the research “Bougainville Voices” said they oppose the mining. Even before the ceremony people from areas where the research did not cover reminded the leaders in the traditional singsing or Toro-toro that they do not want to hear their government talk about mining. All wrapping up the people’s stance against reopening was the executive Manager Mr Otto Noruka who said and quoted

“Panguna people together with the administration will thoroughly screen all the funded projects and programs from ABG and the National government before it is implemented. The common aim for the stance is to avoid confusion the can divide people in the district.”

It is now clear that the call for mining in Bougainville is ABG’s agenda and not the people. This is something the government and Momis have tried to cover up for the last 4 years. There is no way Momis will deny it now. The question now is what is the basis for all the criticisms and denial against his people’s voices?


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