Fr Simon Dumarinu, a voice for the Grass Roots on Bougainville?


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6 responses to “Fr Simon Dumarinu, a voice for the Grass Roots on Bougainville?

  1. john braby

    Absolutely right. Do not entrust power to one person only. One person can easily be influenced by those who have a reason to influence him. And that person can change overnight, then you have lost all your say.

    Village assemblies cannot be blown over suddenly. Everybody may speak. Then you have the accumulated attention of everybody. The leaves of the tree all watch out for the tree, and to it they all owe their existence.

    Francis Ona would have been proud.

    Good Luck Fr. Dumarinu !

  2. pui nirai

    His calling was pastoral. He became a priest, a responsibility and a calling that brought him into direct contact with his flock. The archdiocese had, and kept, faith in him as he carried his holy symbolic Shepherd’s staff in hand to lead.

    As his CV shows he had a number of postings, none of them remotely political.

    His sermons from the pulpit were long, repetitious almost like a novice politician trying to get his views and beliefs across. As the ABG elections approached the lines and differences between pastoral sermons and his developing political views became more and more blurred. It was obvious he was going to take a tilt to put his lot in and vie for the Presidency.

    His Mission is a blurred regurgitation of what the negotiators during the various stages of the peace process have gone through. A lot of this has been achieved. Bougainville has already come a long way in its myriad reconciliation processes. We are in the implementation mode and stages, not in the dreaming and planning mode and plan as his garb and abstract indicates.

    Fr Simon can do more not in politics but as a priest. The logical question that follows is, when he loses will he return to the pulpit and still lead his meandering flock with the Shepherd’s staff in hand every Sunday.

    I don’t know about being a Voice for the Grassroots. With an imprimatur from the Holy Father that he already has, his voice for the grassroots would be better told and got across in his sermons and preaching in frock. With an insatiable ambition to become a top notch politician, that is a big ASK which the grassroots are surely questioning. Quo Vadis.


    • Dansi

      Pui, go back to your pyramid schemes, and thieving from the innocent public, we know who you are – pen names cant disguise your stupid musings. At least Fr Dumarinu is with his flock, listening to their cries, and guiding them through hard times. Where were you during the conflict? Where you are now! Giving YOUR boring sermons from Port Moresby. Fr Dumarinu is a servant of the people and his god, you are a servant of money and greed. Fr Dumarinu suffered with his flock, while you were stealing money from the public, using your position of trust.

  3. Dansi

    Haha pui nirai did you just outline Momis’ resume?

  4. Mr PUI
    Your personal attacks on people are appalling!

    The current President of Bougainville was once a Catholic Priest.

    The current Prime Minister of Australia once studied for the Catholic priesthood and still remains committed to the Catholic religion.

    The current UK Prime Minister is an active member of the Church of England.

    “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include freedom to have a religion or whatever belief of his [her] choice.”

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18

    Mr PUI, your revolting views about Fr Simon Dumarinu are disgraceful.

  5. pui nirai

    Haha, no. Momis’ resume does not need outlining or disseminating. Dansi and Vikiki, keep flirting with us from abroad. And when you can’t create any ripples on Bougainville from your ridiculous and out of kilter alien views, keeping using unsuspecting proxies like JA to come onshore one day and leave the next day. And when that doesn’t work any unsuspecting candidate that you think that might sympathize with your lot will do for you. It goes to show how much scant knowledge or little appreciation you have of what goes on in Bougainville, not to mention politics on Bougainville. Don’t count your luck too much. because you might swallow your tongue in aghast and disappointment on the day the Presidential results are announced, right up to the day when our Parliament first meets on or about 15 June and nominates and elects its Presiding Officer. Print, cut and laminate this and stick it on your fridge doors to keep reminding yourselves till then. Amen till then.

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