Trucking firm stops oil and LNG services over ongoing holdups

The National aka The Loggers Times | October 12, 2017

TRANS Wonderland Limited, one of the major road transport companies in the country, has stood down all its trucks serving the Hides and Kutubu oil and LNG operations through the Komo, Tari, Nipa and Mendi roads yesterday.
Managing director Larry Andagali told The National the road from Mendi to Tari, especially the Wara Lai, Poroma, Tindom Hill and Nipa sections have turned into a “hell hole”.
Sections of the Nogoli-Kobalu road are in similar condition.
“These roads are the key supply routes to support PNG’s oil and LNG production and operations facilities,” Andagali said.
He said the company’s truck drivers were held up at gunpoint and ordered to return to where they were travelling from.
“In some instances our drivers were dragged out of trucks, stripped naked and robbed of their clothes, shoes and money.”
Andagali said the robbers also emptied fuel from rucks.
He said people in authority had disregarded such lawlessness in the resources areas.
“It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that PNG needs oil tax and oil production to continue to support the national budget.”
Andagali said the Government needed LNG taxes which would hit the national budget in 2019 and 2020 after all LNG assets depreciated under the “accelerated depreciation” clause in the gas agreement.
“PNG’s reputation hangs in the balance if the project cannot continue to operate because essential cargo to keep these operations going is delayed and cannot reach them in time.
“Such actions by our people must be condemned in the strongest possible terms and a senior citizen of Hela and Southern Highlands.”


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ABG claims of financial independence if mine reopens ridiculed

Nasioi Writer responds to Member for Kokoda, Rodney Osioco’s claims the Bougainville government will be financially self reliant if BCL is allowed to reopen the Panguna mine.

Mr. Osioco I can probably forgive you for being so naive and sentimental. Where and when is this extractive industry madness going to end. Your little baby government cannot even account for funding it gets from National Government which ends up in your private accounts as we are being told. Is this how you are going to manage the millions you get from mining and pay tit bits to the landowners who to this day have never been compensated adequately for loss of everything from environment, rivers, and land which is the source of their livelihood?

We are fed up with ABG preaching that agriculture, tourism is not enough to run the economy of Bougainville. Coming from a government that is wasteful with buying fleets and of cars and staying at expensive hotels, I find this hard to believe.

I wonder how much these politicians carrying out awareness are being paid? Isn’t this work suppose to be given to others to do? Maski giaman nabaut kisim allowance na mekim awareness.

The introduction of mining into our midst is causing so much confusion and division among the people who should be united to vote in the forth coming referendum. ABG’s push for mining with BCL at it’s helm is now being challenged by another player RTG which supposedly has the cash and elaborate plans to deal with issues ahead. I don’t support mining in any form or shape because already these companies are sprinkling cash this way and that. This is where corruption takes root if is not already eating away at ABG.

Opposition to Mining is mounting and I think it is time Hon. Osioco and his colleagues started to look at alternatives otherwise we are going to face another catastrophe at the hands of mining companies.


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Drilling to recommence at Crater Mountain

Cedric Patjole | PNG Loop | October 11, 2017

Crater Gold Mining Limited has announced to recommence drilling activities in the near term following an agreement to acquire a drill rig.

The company said this in line with its strategy to restart exploration at its flagship Crater Mountain Gold Project in Eastern Highlands Province.

CGM has agreed to purchase a 2002 Atlas Copco Diamec 252 drill rig (“Diamec 252 Drill Rig”) together with additional ancillary equipment. They include: A 415 volt 45 kilowatt electric over hydraulic power pack; A 1,000 volt 45 kilowatt electric over hydraulic power pack; An air over 22 kilowatt hydraulic power pack;Bob Cat mounting accessories; And feed frames and positioners, skid mounted; and Hydraulic motors and pumps.

The Diamec 252 Drill Rig is a very compact drill rig and is estimated to be able to drill diamond core holes of up to approximately 300 metres in length.

Despite reports that the CGM has had difficulties raising capital, the announcement is expected to see positive results shortly.

The project is located approximately 50km southwest of Goroka and comprises 3 connecting exploration licences, straddling the border between the Chimbu and Eastern Highlands provinces.

This region is in the centre of the New Guinea Orogen, an extensive geological zone that makes up the mountainous spine of PNG. The western portion of this zone encompasses the world class mining operations of Porgera, OK Tedi, Wafi-Golpu and Grasberg.

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ABG will be financially self-reliant if mine reopens: MP

Post Courier | October 11, 2017

The re-opening of the Panguna mine will ensure the Autonomous Region of Bougainville is financially self-reliant and able to adequately support its economy as it transits to eventual referendum.
This is according to Member for Kokoda constituency Rodney Osioco.
“The Bougainville Government (ABG) currently relies heavily on the K20 million annual grant from the national government which is insufficient to fund service delivery and developments in the region,” Mr Osioco said,
“The ABG is also owed millions in outstanding grants which the national government is obligated to provide under the Bougainville peace agreement.”
This was made known to the community government and ward representatives from the North Nasioi constituency of Kieta district during an awareness program conducted in Arawa last week by members of the House of Representatives from Central Bougainville.
Acting as the Central Bougainville leaders political bloc, the group led by Mr Osioco, is currently conducting awareness on issues surrounding the re-opening of the mine.
Mr Osioco said the revenue generated from the re-opening of the mine would be the catalyst that would boost other sectors like agriculture and tourism and prop up the economy of Bougainville if it is granted independence.
“As the referendum nears, we as your leaders, have come to create awareness and seek your views on the re-opening of the mine.
“We would like to outline to you that agriculture, tourism and other industries alone cannot support the Bougainville economy and that is why we need to re-open Panguna,” Mr Osioco said.
He said Bougainville Copper Limited was the preferred operator of the mine if it was re-opened and that the company would still be held liable for compensation and other issues which arose before the crisis.
He said the ABG was now the major shareholder of BCL owning 53.8 per cent of which 17.4 per cent belong to the landowners. The Papua New Guinea Government owns 19 per cent of BCL.
“The ABG became the major shareholder after Rio Tinto offloaded its 36 per cent stake in BCL to the ABG,” Mr Osioco said.


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Barrick calls for collaboration with MPs on ‘grim challenges’

Post Courier | October 10, 2017

In the face of a number of grimchallenges, the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) mining operator Barrick Niugini Limited (BNL) has now called for greater cooperation from Engan members of parliament towards the achievement of the provinces’ development agenda.
At a recent briefing session with Engan leaders in Port Moresby, BNL executive managing director, Richmond Fenn highlighted a number of challenges that were impeding the progress of the provincial development agenda, which included; illegal mining, the state of the highlands highway, law and order, resettlement and the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) review.
Mr Fenn highlighted the management issues of the Porgera Development Authority (PDA), the Paiam Hospital and functions of the District Administration.
He also raised issues faced by the mine such as the proposed amendments to the Mining Act; the proposed amendment to the MRA Act and increasing the Tax Credit Scheme(TCS) rate.
“While some of the issues we can manage as a company, others are more complex and need considerable amounts of commitment from the government to make it work,” said Mr Fenn.
“The partnerships that we generate from these kinds of gatherings where we are required to work together on issues that affect us all, are of the utmost importance to us,’’ he said.
Engan governor Sir Peter Ipatas supported the call, adding that as a non-renewable venture, sufficient collaborative action needed to be taken to secure the future of Enga.
“We have to work to sustain Porgera to continue to provide services. The mine will come to an end.
In the future, the province will have to fall on its own economy,” said Sir Peter said.
“We have the right leadership and we have to incorporate our plans for development into the government agenda,” he said.
Sir Peter said the national government should consider funding arrangements for Enga’s special project plans, particularly through an increase in the TCS rate.
Given the mines history and contributions to the national economy for over 20 years.

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Proposed policy to declare mining revenue

Cedric Patjole | PNG Loop | October 9, 2017

The Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management (DMPGH) says it is working to introduce a policy for stakeholders in the mining industry to declare any revenue received or made from mining projects.

Secretary Harry Kore told Loop PNG that the policy idea came about during consultations for the Revised Mining Act.

He said while there are reports of mining revenue generated, a lot of locals impacted by mining activities claim to not see any tangible results.

Kore said the policy will ensure stakeholders such as provincial governments, authorities such as the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), Mineral Resources Development Cooperation (MRDC), as well as landowner association chairmen and landowner company CEOs declare revenue received for the bene t of all.

“You fail to do that and you will be held accountable and you will be penalised under the law. So it becomes a practise. Every quarter they just declare their interest. We know that so much money goes to our landowners but whether it trickles down to the peoples is another thing,” said Kore.

The policy idea is similar to a draft legislation currently being drawn up by the PNG Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative to make mandatory all revenue from the mineral, petroleum and gas sectors to be fully disclosed as per good governance standards.

Kore said they are yet to have formal discussions regarding the policy idea however, there is cooperation and the policy complements that of the work the EITI is undertaking.

Secretary Kore added that one of the agendas of the policy is to ensure there is sustainability in how revenue is invested back in the country.

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Fundraiser for Bougainvilleans for No Mining

Click on the link  to donate –

The traditional owners of Panguna who are women staged a protest and road block to Panguna on the 15th and 16th of June 2017, preventing the President of the Autonomous Government of Bougainville, John Momis and his delegates access to Panguna. The women wanted to send a clear message to the Transitional Government that there is no MINING until after independence and if there is miming it is under the terms of the custodians of  traditional owners and general consensus of the people of Bougainville.

The purpose of  fundraising is to fund 4 smart phones so the women can use digital platforms like  social media to broadcast their protests to the global audience. 

At the moment they are collecting data in the form of petition.

Click on the link  to donate –

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